what we talk about when we talk about anne frank

2014 – 2017

Reality keeps mocking you
It doesn’t have a slat
I will refer to your text on the screen
I will write your words down on this paper
Once you’ve told me that if I try long
enough I will make it
Now I know I don’t need to try that long
Your eyes are like stone
Inside of you there is a stone

I look into the distance
I don’t see anything
I love your bad news

I assume after all the suffering we’d
almost forget that the good news that
we’re all waiting for are us
It’s too simple More stone

Anywhere I lay my eyes… I think of you
I hope it’s the same for you secretly
Perhaps you haven’t thought I was wrong
Where bestiality meets the delicacy

How we’ve waited for the signal
Waiting for the signal
One day everything will be just as
I’ve imagined it
We are both right
It’s worth it

Stateless in Arms
Following society Beautiful rules
In justice Take my Body in law
Fantasy is more than Reality
You always look better
My Dear