act ii:
the waves

Static installation in the conventional gallery space was accompanied by three performances that lasted for 1 hour during the opening event: a static performer illuminating the space with smartphone, 9 performers repeatedly standing up/lying on the floor in extremely slow motion under the heater, 2 performers constrained in hugging gesture. Each of the performances had no apparent movement to them at the moment of observation. The performance had an indirect relationship to the sounds bound to 2 steel plates, one being the frequency of magnetic resonance, while the other represented seismic activity in the ocean. The two frequencies, despite being asynchronous, met at some point in combination with the vibrating sound of the metal itself. After the opening event, all other elements of the installation remained. It consciously worked with the sensations that are not replicable through still and/or moving images, such as heat, smell, restrictions in movement around the gallery space.
6 November – 30 November 2019
installation at MEDIUM Gallery Bratislava, Slovakia

analog photography
instant photography
UV print. c‑print, digital print
infared heaters
metal racks
stainless steel

Eternal and persistent thought of our existence and acts being connected throughout time and space, while everything has a cause, reaction and meaning. According to theoretical physics, the object does no longer carry energy and/or impact. Instead, it is the wave assigned to matter. The matter is getting dissolved in the system of corresponding waves, which are the elements creating completely new view on the microworld. This has been described by Max Planck. In the general theory of relativity Albert Einstein ascribed dynamic relationship between time and space. The fourth dimension became geometric and epistemological quality. Since then, time is no longer considered as linear quantity. While asking what is real(ity) and where we are, there is now a question - WHAT IS PRESENT?

Beata Jablonská

Beata Jablonská
installation & creative direction:
Ľuboš Kotlár
sound & realization:
Ján Gašparovič
in cooperation with Peter Tilajčík
in cooperation with Terézia Feňovčíková
graphic design: 
Michal Chrastina
photo documentation: 
Ján Skaličan
Peter Tilajčík, Heidi Šinková, Martin Hrvol, Martina Mäsiarová, Gabriela Smetanová, Maroš Greš, Terézia Števuliaková, Ernest Bevi L’acqua, Ester Šabíková, Sandra Ružić, Tomáš Košarišťan, Ľuboš Kotlár